The Best Self Defense Packs
for Men and Women

Violent Crime on the Rise

A study performed in 2020 by
Statistic Research Department
Showed Violent crime in the
United States is on the rise.

Violent crime is defined as murder,
rape and sexual assault, robbery,
and assault. Violent crime in the
United States has fallen over the
last two decades, however, the
number of reported violent crimes
has risen slightly in the past few
years, Among the various types of
violent crimes reported in the
United state, aggravated assault is
the most common.

You could find yourself in a
confrontation just because you asked
someone to pull their mask over their
nose. If you can't protect your wife,
your children, your friends and family
who will?

Each package based on proven
attack responses by men and or

This is a 3 part package deal
1- You get a safety kit for men
2- a safety key chain kit for women
3- Use Instructions online

Christmas is coming up. Give a
package as a gift to that special
man or woman in your life!

The Ultimate Be Prepared
Self Defense
Package for men

1-The Belt Clip Cat Knuckles

2-Cat Knuckles Key Chain

3-Martial Arts Kubotan

4-Tactical Ring

5-Monkey Fist

6-Hidden Key Knife

7- Use Instructions
and into into boxing

Men's Package color
will be either of the two
shown below. No color
request for men.




Colors we may use as substitute on
men's package, at bottom of page

The Ultimate Be Prepared
Self Defense
Package for Women

1-Chap stick holder key chain

2-Fighting Kubotan  

3-Personal Alarm with Flashlight  

4-Key chain with Holding Strap  

5-Pepper Spray  

6-Puff Ball key chain  

7- Use Instructions
and into into boxing



Both Men (&) Women packages


Pick woman's color below .
Mens pack color not selectable.
Shipping applied at
Taxes apply to
Los Angeles County
and California

No International shipping
We only ship U.S. ground service.
No shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or
U.S. Territories

Address put into PayPal will be
your Ship To Address

Items & Colors along the top are the
different options that could be shipped.
A white Alarm may be substituted for
any other alarm color and a Silver
Kubotan may be substituted for any
color Kubotan (the poke stick).









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Password comes with package.
After you receive password,
go to


Note: We recommend you place a piece
of clear tape on pepper spray to prevent
accidental opening


Note:For men's package, many color
could be substituted and shipped,
including but not limited to colors shown
below. The pieces are in your pocket
so color doesn't matter as a fashion




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